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Our experienced team employs advanced techniques and cutting-edge tools to meticulously analyze your site’s environment, ensuring optimal wireless network coverage, performance, and security. From comprehensive assessments to detailed recommendations, we guide you through every step to guarantee seamless connectivity and maximize the potential of your wireless infrastructure.
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Unveiling Network Performance with Ekahau Professional Site Surveys

Experience the pinnacle of network performance analysis with Technology Deployment Services’ expert utilization of the Ekahau professional-grade site survey tool. Our dedicated team employs a meticulous four-method approach to guarantee the detection of every potential network issue, ensuring unparalleled precision and optimization for your wireless infrastructure.

Our Process

During the consultation phase, we engage in an in-depth discussion to understand your organization’s specific requirements, objectives, and challenges related to your wireless network. This helps us tailor our approach to best suit your needs and goals.
Our team conducts a thorough evaluation of your site’s physical environment. This includes assessing factors such as building layout, construction materials, and potential sources of interference (e.g., neighboring wireless networks, electronic devices). Understanding these factors is crucial for planning an effective wireless network deployment.
Using advanced equipment and techniques, we perform a comprehensive wireless site survey. This involves walking through the site and collecting data on signal strength, coverage areas, and potential dead zones. We map out the wireless landscape to identify areas of concern and opportunities for improvement.
We meticulously identify and analyze sources of interference that could impact the performance of your wireless network. This may include physical obstructions, electromagnetic interference from electronic devices, or competing wireless signals. By pinpointing these issues, we can develop strategies to minimize their impact and optimize network performance.
Based on the data collected during the survey and our understanding of your organization’s usage requirements, we assess the capacity needs of your wireless network. This involves estimating the number of devices that will be connected to the network and forecasting potential usage patterns to ensure that your network can handle the expected workload without performance degradation.
We strategically determine the optimal locations for access points (APs) to ensure comprehensive coverage and consistent signal strength throughout your site. This involves considering factors such as signal propagation, building layout, user density, and potential sources of interference. By carefully planning AP placement, we maximize network performance and minimize signal degradation.
Our team conducts a thorough assessment of the security measures implemented within your wireless network. This includes evaluating encryption protocols, access controls, authentication mechanisms, and intrusion detection/prevention systems. We identify potential vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to enhance network security and protect against unauthorized access and data breaches.
We provide detailed documentation of our survey findings, including maps, signal strength heatmaps, and analysis reports. This documentation serves as a valuable resource for understanding the current state of your wireless network and implementing recommended improvements. Our comprehensive reports also include actionable recommendations for optimizing your network infrastructure to achieve peak performance and reliability.
Our team offers assistance with the implementation of recommended improvements to your wireless network. Whether it involves repositioning access points, adjusting network settings, or upgrading equipment, we provide hands-on support to ensure a smooth transition and optimal performance. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance services to address any future needs or issues that may arise.
After the initial deployment and optimization of your wireless network, we continue to monitor its performance and make adjustments as needed. This may involve conducting follow-up assessments, fine-tuning network settings, or implementing additional enhancements to further optimize performance and address any emerging challenges. Our goal is to ensure that your wireless network remains reliable, efficient, and secure over the long term.

Types of Wireless Site Surveys

Heat Mapping Analysis

Unlock optimal wireless network performance with our strategic approach to access point placement. Through advanced heat mapping analysis, we meticulously determine the most effective locations and quantities of access points within your environment.

Comprehensive Dead Zone Analysis

Catch every connectivity hiccup with our comprehensive dead zone analysis. Through meticulous gap analysis, we meticulously identify and target areas lacking wireless coverage, ensuring no corner of your environment is left disconnected.

In-Depth Network Design Survey

Navigate your network's landscape with confidence through our meticulous network design survey. We delve deep into coverage areas and user density, leaving no stone unturned in our quest for optimization. With thorough analysis and strategic planning, we ensure your network is tailored precisely to your needs, delivering seamless connectivity and maximum efficiency.

Post-Install Survey for Requirements Validation

Ensure seamless implementation and satisfaction with our comprehensive post-install survey for requirements validation. Following installation, we meticulously evaluate every aspect to confirm alignment with your specific needs and expectations. From network performance to user experience, our survey ensures that all requirements are met, guaranteeing optimal functionality and client satisfaction

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